Our network organises workshops on topics related to better regulation and regulatory oversight.

Here you can find out what topics we have covered so far. If you are interested, contact us and we will gladly invite you to our next event.

Best practices in RIA support to regulators

12 December 2023, Stockholm

Scrutiny, implementation and enforcement of EU legislation, GDPR

12 December 2023, Stockholm

Innovation and regulatory policy II

28 September 2023, Stockholm

Innovation and regulatory policy

7 June 2023, Stockholm

Ex post evaluation of legislation

16 March 2023, Stockholm

Application of Behavioural Insights in the Implementation and Scrutiny of Regulation

7 December 2022, Prague | Workshop Annotation

Garnering Political Support: Oversight Bodies’ Best Practices of Influencing Decision Makers

8 June 2022, Prague | Workshop Annotation | Workshop Conclusions

Institutional Cooperation vs Institutional Resistance in Better Regulation

16 March 2022, Prague | Workshop Annotation | Workshop Conclusions

Takeaways from OECD Regulatory Policy Outlook 2021

30 November 2021, Oslo

Follow-up Costs

14 September 2021, Oslo

Regulatory oversight and strategic foresight

1 June 2021, Oslo

Scrutiny of transposed EU legislation: Methodology, requirements, challenges

15 March 2021, Oslo

Principles for effective and innovation-friendly rulemaking in the 4th Industrial Revolution

22 January 2021, Oslo

Stakeholder Engagement Within Government, External & Public Consultation

6 October 2020, Berlin

Proportionality Requirements

2 September 2020, Berlin

One-In X-Out, Reduction Targets & Scrutiny of Sustainability Legislation

3 December 2019, Helsinki

Ex-Post Evaluation

3 September 2019, Helsinki


5 June 2019, Helsinki

Small and Micro Business Assessments

26 March 2019, Helsinki